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The wineyards

Dip yourself inside of our wineyard rows

Colle Prana is a magic place, where you can walk between 3 ectar of wineyard rows, and take, at some point a moment to view a very Italian landscape, breathe the smells of mediterranean field, roses and sometimes, if you are lucky you can meet some animal, a woodpecker, a dier, but if you want to see the wyneyards guardian you must wait until the afternoon and they come....the hawks.

3,2 ectar , located in three different areas of our farm, create a series of the selected wineyards, high quality of grapes, ancient graft. Sangiovese (Chianti) grapes, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Colorino and Alicante , this is a very different kind of quality for create a natural sinergy, the sand/clay ground, the sun and the warm clima make the rest.